Welcome to Island Vinnies , Havelock Island , India

Island Vinnies

In the beginning, the Andamans had just sand. And tall green trees. And lovely blue waters, filled with fishies and sharkies and manties (sorry, poetic license gone astray). Into this paradise came seekers of natural beauty, and frolic in a completely wholesome and PG-13 manner with the fish they did. But just as Eden had its apple-peddling serpent, this abode of bliss had its own sand in the vaseline. This took the form of tiny, dingy huts passing off as budget accommodation: great value if you belonged to one of the myriad insect species that populate the planet, not so great value if you belonged to the human race. 

This state of affairs lasted for a while. Then Island Vinnie came to the Andamans.He saw the golden sand, and the green tree, and the blue water with all the fishies and sharkies and the you-know-whaties, and said "Wow".He then saw what passed for value accommodation options, and said "[bleep]".And this inspired pearl of wisdom led to the conception and subsequent birth of Island Vinnie's - a resort setting a higher standard in value for money.

Island Vinnie's Dive Center and Beach Cabanas is nominally run by Vinnie (aka Island Vinnie), although we keep him on a tight leash and as far away from the practical side of things as possible... he is too fascinated by shiny objects to be left on his own.He is an avid travellers as well, and the resort has been built based on his vision of a comfortable friendly resort that offers excellent value for money.



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